Dog and Cat Grooming and Bathing in Orange, CT

Dog grooming and bathing in Orange, CT

Our grooming facility provides the highest level of quality service available. From brush outs to the works, we have your pets covered. We have a large array of shampoo scents that will get even the dirtiest dog squeaky clean and smelling fabulous. Our groomer will not only make your pet look spectacular, but will take extra care to assure your pet is at ease throughout the process. We offer doggie spa services from breed cuts and puppy trims to luxurious coat treatments.

We recommend that you spend a few minutes discussing your personal preferences and dog's needs with the groomer at the start of your appointment.

Our personalized services include:

Spa Bath – A spa bath begins when warm water immerses your pet’s entire body, massaging, cleansing and renewing. Then, one of our shampoos will cleanse away any unwanted odors. To finish, a dry and relaxing brush out. Our baths always include a complimentary pedicure and ear cleaning.   

Spa Groom– Starts with a spa bath, then a breed specific cut or hand scissoring and style, nails are trimmed, excess hair trimmed between the paws. To finish, a spritz of perfume and a festive bandana or bow. Our grooms always include a complimentary pedicure and ear cleaning.

Creating grooming for cats and dogs in Orange, CT

Make every day a special occasion with our safe, temporary creative grooming services!

Our groomer can help add a special touch to your pet’s groom. Whether celebrating a holiday or creating a fun look, our washable and creative fur and hair coloring services can help express your pet’s unique personality!

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